Growing up in the Rust Belt, Cleveland Ohio, to be exact, I became very familiar with high quality manufacturing. As a result, I’m a big fan of American manufacturing and ingenuity.  We put that same mid-western work ethic into making high-quality home paints and architectural coatings.  As a coatings expert, I have designed our paints to tint precisely and develop true color in the paint film. Our paints have exceptional hide which helps reduce labor cost.

In addition, our advanced poly-shield resins are specially engineered to provide lasting durable protection to wood, stucco, cement, aluminum and most building materials.

My philosophy is simple: sell very high-quality paints that are formulated for a refined toughness, while tinted and mixed on sight for the contractor’s convenience.  We have a simple, factory direct, paint delivery approach that optimizes the contractors’ supply chain and most of all, their time.

Bottom line, using Pettijohn Paints helps the painting contractor profit more from each job.


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